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Our most popular window style the Casement

With their radiant looks, versatility and impressive thermal and security performance, casement windows are a common and traditional choice of windows amongst our customers across Wales. Hinged at the top or side, casement windows add light and brightness to every kind of home, from contemporary builds to older houses.

It’s the versatility of casement windows which makes them so popular as there is a number of combinations of fixed and opening frames available. Simply choose what best suits you, how you use your rooms and the style of your house.

A Rated as standard Casement Windows

All of our casement windows are A rated and double glazed or triple glazed, using the very latest glass technology to provide superior insulation giving you great energy efficiency in your home.

All of MPN’s casement window installers and surveyors will advise how to combine ventilation and sense of space with safety, security and of course great looking casement windows – all with the low maintenance, superior weather resistance and long-lasting good looks you would expect from uPVC.

Energy Efficient Casement Windows

Keep your house warm with MPN double glazed and triple glazed windows which are A-rated as standard. Fully-integrated, slimline weather sealing maximises glazed area while eliminating draughts, helping you save money on your heating bills.

Safe and Secure Casement Windows

Keep your house safe with MPN double glazing. Our windows are ‘Secured by Design’ certified, the official Police initiative and feature some of the most security features on the market today. With a range of 4-6 locking points and a night-vent position to secure your home against forced entry.

Durable and Low Maintenance Caseent Windows

Virtually-maintenance free, our windows don’t require time consuming sanding or painting, which means you can spend more time doing the things you love.

Reduce noise pollution 

Reduce the outside noise with MPN double glazed windows. As standard our windows provide a sound protection level of 33db but if you live near a busy road our acoustic window range offers even better noise reduction. Offering a superb level of 39dB sound insulation which is significantly greater than our standard or triple glazed windows – to give you even more peace and quiet at your home or business.

White Frames Profiles and Sills A-Rated Standard uPVC Windows and Doors.